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T-Pain Steals The Weeknd’s Autotune: Sued for 7M

Last week, June 12th, 2017, T-Pain was sued for stealing The Weekends autotune. Neither have commented on the matter, but Bruno Mars said, “I gave The Weeknd my autotune algorithym out of good faith. T-Pain stole it. That is beat son.” The Weeknd said, “Lot’s of squat beats be trying to steal my swag son.” […]

Lil Wayne finds out Bob Marley is his father

After performing in New Orleans, Lil Wayne received DNA test results back from the NOLA Hospital and found that Bob Marley is his father. Back in 1984, when Lil Wayne’s Mom was clubbing on Burbon Street, Bob Marley approach her and said, “Hey chedda momma, wanna beat some cheeks?” Soon after, they made sweet passionate in […]

Steph Curry found beating Lebron James cheeks after game 1 loss

After Steph Curry and the Warriors beat the Cavs during game one of the NBA Championship, Steph had Lebron bent over an ice bath. He was firociously beating Lebron James cheeks and making Lebron say, “Thank you daddy.” In the background, Steph was playing 3pac’s song “Beat the Cheeks.” Lebron did not comment on the […]

Drake, Major Lazer and Justin Bieber get called out by Sean Paul for not respecting Dancehall Culture

Many songs, including Drakes hit “One Dance” have been highly influenced by Jamaican dancehall music. Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, and Drake haven’t ever given Jamacian culture recognition and people aren’t happy about it. “It is a sore point when [those and other artists] come and do dancehall-orientated music but don’t credit where dancehall came from,” Paul told The Guardian. […]

Kim Jong Un declares WW3 on all Hoots

Late Tuesday evening, Kim Jong Un had a special meeting with the United States president Donald J. Trump. In this meeting President Trump expressed his disdain with hoots and by his surprise, Un agreed. Kim Jong Un declared war upon all things hoot giving, and projected an end to all hoots by 2019. Trump had […]
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