Jay Z Drops New Album 4:44 - Disses Meek Mill - Nicki Minaj Comes Out Swinging

Jay Z disses Meek Mill in his new album because he broke up with Nicki Minaj. It is obvious Nicki Minaj is still bitter about the breakup because she calls out Meek Mill and says that, “He lost the baddest bitch in the game”.

Why is she still talking about Mill? It sounds like she hasn’t moved on yet.

Meek Mill comes back on Instagram and calls here out for being “fake”. Mill says, “Fake skin color… fake weaves…. fake ass … fake mileage … fake nails…. fake friends etc … can somebody speak up,” he wrote. “When you finally see them without everything on n***as be sick forreal #dontmakeme #youknowimsavage #howdareyou.”

More to come on this story.

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