Lil Wayne finds out Bob Marley is his father

After performing in New Orleans, Lil Wayne received DNA test results back from the NOLA Hospital and found that Bob Marley is his father. Back in 1984, when Lil Wayne’s Mom was clubbing on Burbon¬†Street, Bob Marley approach her and said, “Hey chedda momma, wanna beat some cheeks?” Soon after, they made sweet passionate in a nearby corn field.

Nine months later Lil Wayne was born. Up until this moment, Lil Wayne thought his Dad was a crack head who fell into a one night stand with his Mom. Wayne said to the press, “Damn son. I’m so happy to be related to Bob Marley. He is an inspiration to get the bread.”

Lil Wayne’s next album will be dedicated to Bob Marley. Rumors say that it will be called, “Weeziggae.”

We’ll follow up with this story in the weeks to come.

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